Yeshua A New Amapiano Worship Song by Maakzen & Elidaves

Yeshua A New Amapiano Worship Song by Maakzen & Elidaves

Maakzen & Elidaves Team Up To Release A New Amapiano Worship Song Called Yeshua

Christians around the world are conversant with the name, Yeshua which is a Hebrew word sometimes written as Yēšūa. The title is also a known alternative name to Yehoshua which are all names to describe the Son of Go, Jesus.

So it is not uncommon to hear the name in some worship songs, or even gospels not just in South African and Africa, but through out the world where there’s existence of  Christianity.

In South Africa however, we have a long list of artists and music titles which bear the name Yeshua or even has the keyword in their names and title. Recently, we got a new music title from an upcoming amapiano artists whose names are Maakzen and Elidaves.

Yeshua Song

Like we rightfully stated in the last paragraph, there are a good number of music which has the title Yeshua, but the two most popular of them in South Africa are from Worship Meets Heaven Choir featuring Meredith Mauldin, they shared their Yeshua version on their YouTube channel which has close to 7 million views, and the song was released in 2021.

The second version of the “Yeshua“ worship song comes from the album titled JESUS and the song was dropped by a music team which goes by the name, Jesus Image. The second version was dropped 4 years ago, and currently has close to 80 million views just on YouTube.

Perhaps, Maakzen and Elidaves got their inspiration to title their song from one of these songs, as the titled their own “Yeshua Amapiano Rmix” which basically means that they remixed the original version.

Maakzen & Elidaves

The two artists, Maakzen and Elidaves are two promising South African artists who have learnt to work together. They have rather adopted a new and unique style of music which is not very common in the South African music industry.

Yes, amapiano is known and popular genre, so as worhsip and gospel music, however, a fusion of both gospel and amapiano music is a feat that has not been made common, and maybe these two youngsters are out to make the name for themselves.

We are familiar with just either worship songs, or just amapiano songs, but imaging worshipping the Lord with an Amapiano music; surely heavenly.

Now, both Maakzen and Elidaves have given us a tune which is a combination of worship and amapiano, and they remixed a popular worship song which is named “Yeshua”.

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