Who is Linda Majola? What you need to know about commencement of his comedy show

Who is Linda Majola? What you need to know about commencement of his comedy show

Who is Linda Majola? What you need to know about commencement of his comedy show

Life they say is full of surprises, but Linda Majola certainly brings flair to the game. Read about Linda Majola his biography, age and profile before comedy.

Linda Majola, since his public announcement on his instagram page to venture into the comedy world, has amassed the attention and admiration of his fans. It is not unusual, the amount of love and support the actor and media personality is getting. The Mzansi fans definitely welcome the idea of a little laugh, who wouldn’t?

The rising star has announced that his upcoming debut to the comedy world will kickstart on july and we are all hanging on the edge of our seats in anticipation. The media personality is about to embark on an exciting journey with the commencement of his highly anticipated comedy show he carefully tag “This & That with a Side of Jazz”.

If you haven’t heard of Linda Majola yet, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, we’ll delve into who Linda Majola is, explore a bit of his background, and provide you with the details about his upcoming comedy show, so stay with us.

Who is Linda Majola?

Linda Majola is a talented actor and media personality, known for his unique sense of humor, wit, and captivating aura, the star starting his entertainment career as a content creator before taking the bold step into acting—his character Langa on ‘the wife’ swiftly gained the admiration of many .

Born and raised in Bonela, Durban in South Africa, Linda initially nurtured a passion for culinary, bagging himself a Diploma in Catering Management. His developed passion and flair for acting sprout as an aftermath of his content creation antics on Tik Tok, which made him an internet sensation.

Linda made his debut appearance as an actor on the television show “The Wife” where he articulately played the role of Langa—a man struggling with homophobes. In a recent interview, the actor let in on his fans about his role as Langa, stating the similarities he shares with the character, with both being queer men navigating through the difficulties of coming out of the closet.

His ability to find humor in everyday situations and his relatability and flamboyant lifestyle, have endeared him to audiences across the country.

Linda Majola’s Background:

It is no longer news that Linda’s journey in comedy will officially commence begin in July with his announcement to venture into stand-up comedy tagged “This & That with a Side of Jazz”, a show he promises to be different from the usual.

His talent and hard work succeeded in catching the attention of industry professionals, leading to appearances on popular television shows, no the queer king has promised his fans a jazz-infused comedy show. Another chapter in his life that we cannot wait to experience with him.

Linda’s perfect blend of skits, storytelling, rants and beautiful jazz music is an offer too good to resist.

After years of honing his craft, Linda Majola is now ready to take his career to the next level with the launch of his own comedy show. The show promises an evening filled with laughter, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. The perfect way to spend a Durban weekend.

Show Dates and Venues:

This & That with a Side of Jazz” will kick off on July 2023, (no verified date yet) at the prestigious Seabrook Theatre. The show is expected to run for several months, possibly years, giving his fans and audiences ample opportunity to experience Linda’s comedic genius firsthand.

“This & That with a Side of Jazz” guarantees a show filled with laughter, dancing and good times, as Linda Majola’s comedic and vibrant lifestyle already serves a tip of the iceberg. From hilarious anecdotes to the perfect blend and tune of fine jazz music, Linda’s comedy show is a must-see for comedy enthusiasts and anyone looking for a perfect avenue for laughter and joy.

Booking Tickets:

Tickets for ” This & That with a Side of Jazz ” are in high demand, and already selling out fast, so it’s advisable to secure yours early. Visit his instagram page for more information and to book your seats.


As Linda Majola’s comedy show prepares to hit the stage, the excitement and anticipation among fans continue to grow. With his unique brand of comedy, Linda promises an unforgettable evening of laughter and entertainment. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the “This & That with a Side of Jazz” experience and witness the rise of this incredible comedian. Get your tickets now and prepare to laugh until your sides hurt!

We will forever love and support our jack of all trade. Whether as a chef, actor, or media personality, one is certain, Linda Majola knows how to deliver the right value to his fans!

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