What You Need To Know About DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu’s online feud

What You Need To Know About DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu’s online feud

Details about DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu’s online feud

The world of entertainment is not immune to controversies and online feuds, and we are here for the drama, ready with a glass of cocktail and to take sides in this ‘battle. In recent times, the South African music industry witnessed a highly publicized clash between two prominent figures: DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu. This online feud created a significant buzz, captivating fans and sparking conversations across social media platforms. Here, we will delve into the details surrounding this intriguing dispute and explore the key events that unfolded between DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu, letting you on all the juicy gossip.

Who is DJ Tira?

DJ Tira, born Mthokozisi Khathi, is an acclaimed South African DJ, record producer, and entrepreneur, and Kwaito artist. He gained widespread recognition as the founder of the record label, Afrotainment. With his unique blend of house and kwaito music, DJ Tira has made a remarkable impact on the South African music scene, cementing his position as a leading figure in the industry.

It is no surprise that the DJ is a highly respected figure in the music industry, as he is recognized as a top pioneer of the Gqommusic genre, which became a fast rising South African top genre in 2017. Picking up disc jockey in the early years of 1996, the South African legend honed his skills and made a prominent name of himself in the DJ-space. The 45 years old was born in Durban, South Africa, and is considered a household name in South Africa and beyond.

Ngizwe Mchunu’s Background:

Ngizwe Mchunu is a controversial figure in South Africa, known for his association with political activism and his occasional appearances as an event organizer and social commentator. While not as established in the music industry as DJ Tira, Mchunu’s online presence and involvement in various events have earned him a considerable following.

Ngizwe was born and raised in Nkandla, a region established in KwaZulu-Natal region in South Africa. The South African presenter has gone ahead to make quite a commendable career for himself, regardless of his political association and the controversies that might have caused him. He is a famous South African radio presenter and sangoma, and the former host of Ukhonzi FM.

After being relieved of his duties as a radio personality, Ngizwenkosi Brain Mchunu (AKA NgizweMchunu) decided it best to open his very own radio station, an online radio station he tagged ‘Ngizwe Mchunu radio.

The Emergence of the Feud:

The DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu feud which many thought originated from an incident surrounding the high-profile Nkosinathi Mcabangelwa Cele Tournament, held in eShobeni, which saw DJ Tira demanding a public apology from NgizweMchunu. In the video the DJ lamented “I do not want him, I want him to come and apologize for all the rubbish he said to me. Because I am hustling making a cider that people love and you come and talk nonsense….”

The buzz immediately picked up, with many curious about what transpired between both parties. DJ Tira who launched his cider drink ‘Bearings Cyder’ obviously held a grudge.

Reports suggest that Mchunu took to his Facebook page, accusing DJ Tira of exploiting young and emerging artists, alleging that the renowned DJ was jealous of the up-coming stars and as a result, won’t allow them a chance at fame and providing inadequate support to them. In his video, he said “DJ Tira, I am highly disappointed in you. You make us drink urine, and you call it cider. Makoya, let me tell you this, not everything revolves around you

This video clip obviously did not sit well with the renowned DJ, however he choose to not give a reply to the allegations. At least not until the Tournament in eShobeni.

Following the initial accusations, both DJ Tira and NgizweMchunu, the duo at a back and forth with their fued at various events as Mchunu saw no need for an apology. They met at another event where a video clip was shared, showing DJ Tirawas seen demanding the removal of Ngizwe at the event as he doesn’t want to be near him. Mchunu still refused an apology claiming it was all a joke.

Legal Charges.

Fortunately for the activist, there was no legal charges surrounding this feud. All DJ Tira demanded of him was a public apology.

Impact on the Music Industry:

The DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu feud not only captivated fans but also had broader implications for the South African music industry, with many fans and viewers seemingly taking sides, and ultimatelu casuing a divide, especially when the verbal outburst intensified at an event. The incident sparked important conversations about the need for accountability, and ethics within the music industry.

Resolution and Lessons Learned:

As of the time of writing, the feud between DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu appears to be resolved with a definitive resolution as relayed to the public by the event organizer, Cele who stated “I can say that they made peace because we even took a picture of them together

However, the incident still serves as a valuable reminder of the power of social media, the importance of responsible communication, and the potential consequences of public disputes within the entertainment industry.


The clash between DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu provides a glimpse into the impact of online feuds on the broader community. While the final outcome of this feud can be considered a happy ending for all, it highlights the pressing need for respect of one’s hard work.

As fans, observers, and participants in the digital age, it is crucial to promote healthy discussions, respectful engagements, and constructive solutions that pave the way for a more vibrant and inclusive music industry. We will however, continue to appreciate and support the talents and hard work both talents bring to the table.

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