What Is The Real Name Of Luzuko Mxenge From “Gqeberha: The Empire”?

What Is The Real Name Of Luzuko Mxenge From “Gqeberha: The Empire"?

What Is The Real Name Of Luzuko Mxenge From “Gqeberha: The Empire”? His Biography & Age

Luzuko Mxenge is a very prolific character on the South African TV show called “Gqeberha: The Empire”, a popular South African telenovela series which began on January 16, 2023. On the TV show, Luzuko Mxenge proved to be a very notable figure, and as such many viewers have been interested to know who he is, his real name, how old he is, etc.

Keep reading to know more about the professional South African actor.


Luzuko is a figure in the South African TV show, Gqeberha. His real name is Mbulelo Grootboom and he is in his late 40’s. The male actor is a public figure who is well known, and he was born and raised in South Africa.

He attended his education in South Africa, from his elementary school till his advanced level.

On this TV show, Luzuko Mxenge was a successful businessman who got married to three unique and strong wives. In the movie, he was a king and ruled the Mxenge empire along with his second in command, Thulani.

Real Name

The real name of the South African actor is Mbulelo Grootboom. However, he is mostly known by the name he took on the Gqeberha movie called Luzuko Mxenge.


Luzuko became known just last year, and he has not revealed actually his real age. After a quick check via his social handles, we were unable to find any day he celebrates his birthday.

However, from our speculations, Luzuko Mxenge the actor should be in his late 40’s.

Education & Accolade

Mbulelo Grootboom is an educated actor, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance, he attended the University of Cape Town. He has both international and local awards to his name, some of which are; National Arts Festival Ovation, the Fleur du Cap, and a KKNK Kanna award.

About Gqeberrha

“Gqeberha: The Empire” is a South African popular telenovela series which first premiered on January 16, 2023. The TV show succeeded the “The Queen.” The show was managed by Phathutshedzo Makwarela, and is in the genre of drama and telenovela. The show consists of a total of 260 episodes, each episode spans for a period of 22-26 minutes.

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