Thembi From Izulu Lami Real Name, Age, Bio

Thembi From Izulu Lami Real Name, Age, Bio

Thembi From Izulu Lami Real Name, Age, Bio

Today we will share more information about Thembi From Izulu Lami. Some of the information you may find about her include; her real name, how old is Thembi? her biography etc.

Izulu Lami

Izulu Lami is a South African drama, which in English means My Secret Sky. The movie was produced back in 2008, and the language was predominantly the Zulu language. It was shot and directed by Madoda Ncayiyana, a South African renowned movie producer.

Izulu Lami’s story line is about two young kids who left their home to the city of Durban, to become street children after their mother died.

The two kids are Thembi (10 years old) and her brother, Kwezi (8 years old). The story continues that after their mother died, their aunty was supposed to take care of them, rather she took advantage of them by selling off their few remaining properties and fled. Both children where left with nothing but their traditionally woven mat, made by their mother on which they sleep.

Thembi then advised her brother Kwezi for them to leave for the city, and unknown fate awaits them in Durban.


The above is the introductory summary of the drama which trended all over the country for many years. Thembi became quite famous for her role on the movie and many people were interested to know more about the young actress who took on her role so well.

She is a South African born and raised female TV personality, a socialite, actress and popular celebrity. She began to act from her ver young age and became famous when she took on her role on Izulu Lami as Thembi.

The female emcee when she debuted on Izulu Lami while she was 13, and after a few years she did not show of TV as she was busy with her studies. She later began to show off herself when she was done and people were marvelled at her growth.

Thembi whose real name is Sobahle Mkhabase became prominent through through the South African movie, Izulu Lami – My Secret Sky, and after the movie went on break for 6 years to focus on her education.

Thembi Real Name

The real name of Thembi From Izulu Lami is Sobahle Mkhabas.

Thembi from Izulu Lami Age

The young actress has not publicly shared her age, but as at when she debuted on Izulu Lami in 2008, she was said to be 13 years old. As at this year 2024, Thembi should be 29 years old. This places her date of birth to be in 1995.

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