Lindiwe From Scandal Real Name, Age, Biography, Boyfriend

Lindiwe From Scandal Real Name, Age, Biography, Boyfriend

Lindiwe From Scandal Real Name, Age, Biography, Boyfriend

Here you can find some important information about Lindiwe From Scandal (Nomvelo Makhanya), some of the information you will find include her biography, age, boyfriend, real name etc.

Lindiwe From Scandal Real Name

The real name of the female singer and actress who is known as Lindiwe From Scandal is Nomvelo Makhanya.

Lindiwe From Scandal Age

The South African actress and singer, who’s known as Lindiwe From Scandal was born on 24th April 1996. So, in 2024, Nomvelo Makhanya will be 29 years old.

Lindiwe From Scandal Biography

While still a child, Nomvelo loved sports so much that she dreamed of being a netball or hockey star. Even in her school, she engaged in various sports activities, however, her mother stirred her away from her dreams and directed her into a new passion. She subsequently went to join the school of art, there she knew and loved music and acting.

The female emcee is a renowned South African actress, socialite and singer who has strong passion for sports. She studied and attended the National School of Arts (NSA), located in Johannesburg. While during her college years, she went to The Braamfontein-based secondary school, which is mainly for gifted and creative South African learners. It was reported that she found her love for arts in this school.

The South African prolific actress starred in Sarafina the musical. she is a bold and very outspoken personality who is loved by her fans.

Lindiwe From Scandal Boyfriend

Nomvelo Makhanya has been keeping her relationship very tight away from the media. She is currently dating, but neither she nor her boyfriend has ever spoken about themselves, not on the social media, and not to the press.

In a certain report, it was stated that the female emcee, Makhanya quit her lead role as Lindiwe in Scandal in accrodance to the wish of herĀ  boyfriend, since her role involved being a little promiscuous on set, and kissing other men on TV.

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