Jabulani Zama Age: How old Is The Eyadini Lounge Founder?

Jabulani Zama Age: How old Is The Eyadini Lounge Founder?

Jabulani Zama Age: How old Is The Eyadini Lounge Founder?

Who is Jabulani Zama? A popular question in the South African social media space currently. Well, Jabulani Zama was a South African business man and hospitality manager who owned and managed the popular Eyadini Lounge.

Few hours ago, news began to circulate about the demise of the prominent South African businessman. Among the questions people have been asking include but not limited to; how old is The Eyadini Lounge owner? What is Jabulani Zama age? etc.

Before we continue to reveal the age of Jabulani Zama before his death, let us take a look at his short biography and life before fame.

Jabulani Zama

The real name of the business man is Jabulani “Mjay” Zama. He is a known figure who was born and and raised in a small village called Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

His education background is not clear enough, as he did not attend any university. He has been working hard to make ends meet, in fat he was recruited in the police force some years ago where he served for just a few years.

Jabulani later left the police to start up his own towing business in the same town he was born, Umlazi. Fom the proceeds he got, he purchased for himself trucks which plied the routes of  Umlazi. He was consistent with the business till he gathered enough funds to venture into hospitality.

In 2009, he made his first move on the hospitality business, then he built his popular Eyadini Lounge which simply means “The Yard” in English. His Eyadini Lounge began operations in 2011.

From then, his business has been a success as he has expanded and by 2020, he became a very known businessman in South Africa.

Jabulani Zama Age: How old Is The Eyadini Lounge Founder?

Jabulani “Mjey” Zama celebrates his birthdays on 24th September. But the exact year of birth has been a mystery. However, with our research, we have come to a plausible conclusion. The lounger owner some years ago revealed that he loved music, and he began to his music collection in 1988, which was 35 years ago. So, online publications which pins the age of the demised businessman as 38 years old is absolutely wrong as he couldn’t had been able to collect music at 3 years old.

From our research, the real age of Jabulani should be about 48 years old, so it is likely he was born on  24th September 1975.

The age of Jabulani Zama is not certain, while he was alive he never revealed his real age, but only celebrates his birthdays on 24th Septembers. The only way to be certain of the real age of the deceased businessman is to wait for the official information from his family, about his funeral which will likely include his real age and how old he was before he died in August 2023.

Jabulani “Mjey” Zama Cause Of Death

The Eyadini Lounge has been on hold since the breaking of the death of it’s owner. News has it that he passed after suffering a severe stroke, according to Isolezwe in a statement he shared on Saturday.

His health conditions began last year 2022, when it was reported that Jabulani was critically ill, and was admitted in the hospital. However, the lounge owner refuted the claims of him being critically ill, but agreed that he was admitted in the hospital.

Eyadini Lounge has attracted both the political elites and other celebrities to Umlazi as he built a high class lounge which is of a great standard.

Currently, the staff, management (of his lounge), well wishers and friends are in mourning for the loss of Jabulani who died just a few days ago (on Saturday).

Just as a socialite wrote, “May Jabulani Mjay Zama’s soul rest in peace“.

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