Dr Musa Mthombeni Age, Biography, Wife, Career As Medical Doctor And Mc

Dr Musa Mthombeni Age, Biography, Wife, Medical Doctor Career

Dr Musa Mthombeni Age, Biography, Career As Medical Doctor And Mc

Biography – Musawenkosi Mthokozisi Mthombeni is a South African media personality, and the interesting fact is that he is a certified medical doctor and radiologist.

Due to his profession and media personality, many people tend to get confused and ask of indeed he is a real medical doctor or just acting on social media. For this reason, we have decided to share. much more information about the talented figure.

Dr Musawenkosi Mthokozisi Mthombeni Biography

Dr Musa as he is fondly called is a South African born and raised young man, he became known on the internet from when he was still young, then he worked as a presenter and fortunately, he got a job to anchor the popular YoTV show which was one of the hottest shows on South Africa’s SABC1 Network.

The real name, or rather the full name of the media personality is Musawenkosi Mthokozisi Mthombeni. He was born in a village called Vaal in South African and also attended Riverside high school located at Vereerniging.

While he was with SABC1, he had a stage name he loves to be called. and it was Moousse.

Musawenkosi Mthokozisi Mthombeni Real Age

Musa was born on 22nd April 1989, he celebrated his last birthday this April 2024. From his date of birth, it is clear he is 35 years old as on 2024.

Dr Musa Mthombeni Wife

Dr Musa is now married, and her wife’s name is Liesl Laurie, the winner of 2015 Miss South Africa. She also is now a media person, who takes on coverage on both TV and Radio.

Dr Musa Mthombeni Career As MC, TV Host And Medical Doctor

For up to a decade he was on TV, anchoring shows. In fact he began to work as YoTV anchor from 2002 till August 2012. Asides YoTV, he also hosted Boy Meets Grill: Milkshakes, Coke Zero Fest and so much more. These periods of show anchoring made him a very popular figure in South Africa. He was also one time youngest TV anchor in South Africa as of then.

Then a few years after working on YoTv, he moved from the media space to the University to further his education, but what got everyone shocked was that he chose MBBS program which he enrolled via the University of Witwatersrand.

While in school studying as a medical and surgery doctor, he began to take on acting roles and premiered on Ek Joke Net 2 which debuted in 2014.

As we stated earlier, he graduated from Riverside high in the year 2012, and got admitted in Witwatersrand where he graduated, and just just last year in 2023 he completed his Diagnostic Radiology Board Exams in South Africa which is often referred to as FC Rad SA.

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