DJ Melzi Biography, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Amapiano Music Career

DJ Melzi Biography, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Amapiano Music Career

DJ Melzi Biography, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Amapiano Music Career

DJ Melzi, whose real name is Tumelo Mphai, is a South African DJ, producer, and musician. He gained prominence in the music industry with his unique blend of amapiano and house music, becoming one of the leading figures in the genre.

Dj Melzi Real Name

The South African amapiano Dj has his real name as Tumelo Mphai.

Dj Melzi Age

Wondering how old Dj Melzi is? The male amapiano artist whose real name is Tumelo Mphai was born in Kuruman, Northern Cape in November 2001.

As on 2024, he is 23 years old, according to his date of birth. He first began to develop his skills as a DJ at the age of six. At the age of  six, he dropped his first mix. Later in 2019 he dropped his the first amapiano amapiano hit track, “Ma2000s”, which he crafted at 17 years-old, paid homage to his Gen Z peers.

Dj Melzi Girlfriend or Wife?

First off, Dj Melzi is not officially married as he has not paid the laboola of Andiswa. Though the young couple has been living together for a long time. In fact, they began to date while they were still in high school, and they have been together till date.

Last year, there was a news breakout of infidelity on Dj melzi’s part, but after the whole saga, they both found a common ground and have been together and happy. The name of Dj Melzi’s girlfriend is Andiswa Selepe aka Thebomb.rsa) who is quite popular for her tremendous curves.

Dj Melzi Net Worth

The young star is known to be living a life of affluence. He once showed off his mansion which he said costed him millions of rands, and also purchased a Mercedes G63 AMG. His exoensive livestyles have made a lot of people to question what really is his net worth and how he makes his money.

From our investigations, Melzi makes his money from his music sales, live performances, brand endorsements, and other ventures. He also has been rumoured to be an FX trader. He holds an annual show, which is usually self titled.

These listed above have brought him a sort of financial leverage in the South African musicindustry.

It is safe to therefore estimate the net worth of DJ Melzi to be over $1,000,000.

Amapiano Music Career

DJ Melzi is known for his hit songs such as “La Melza,” “Bayekele,” and “Chakalaka,” which have received widespread acclaim and earned him a dedicated fan base. His music is characterized by its infectious beats, catchy melodies, and energetic vibe, making it a favorite among audiences both in South Africa and internationally.

In addition to his solo work, DJ Melzi has collaborated with various artists and producers in the amapiano scene, further expanding his reach and influence. He continues to push boundaries and experiment with different sounds, keeping his music fresh and exciting for his fans.

DJ Melzi’s rise to prominence underscores the growing popularity of amapiano music both in South Africa and globally. His talent, creativity, and dedication to his craft have solidified his position as one of the genre’s most exciting and influential artists, and he continues to make waves with his music and performances.

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