DJ Maphorisa Biography, Age, Real Name Music Career

DJ Maphorisa Biography, Age, Real Name Music Career

DJ Maphorisa Biography, Age, Real Name Music Career

Biography – The South African male artist DJ Maphorisa, whose real name is Themba Sekowe, is a prominent South African DJ, record producer, and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition for his contributions to the music industry, particularly in the genres of amapiano, house, and Afrobeat.

How old Is Dj maphorisa

DJ Maphorisa was born on November 15, 1987. As of May 2024, he would be 36 years old.

Dj Maphorisa Real Name

Indeed, many do not know the biological name of the popular South African artist. The male South African singer has his real name as Themba Sekowe. Though he is sometimes known as Lawd Phori.

Music Career

DJ Maphorisa first rose to prominence as part of the production duo “Uhuru,” known for their hit songs such as “Y-Tjukutja” and “Khona.” He later embarked on a successful solo career under the moniker DJ Maphorisa, releasing his own music and collaborating with various artists both locally and internationally.

One of DJ Maphorisa’s most notable collaborations is with Nigerian artist Wizkid on the hit song “Soweto Baby.” The track received widespread acclaim and further solidified DJ Maphorisa’s reputation as a versatile and innovative producer.

In addition to his solo work, DJ Maphorisa is also known for his role in popularizing the amapiano genre, both in South Africa and globally. He has produced numerous amapiano hits and has collaborated with some of the genre’s biggest names, including Kabza De Small and Major League DJz.

DJ Maphorisa’s influence extends beyond his musical contributions, as he has also played a significant role in shaping the careers of up-and-coming artists through his record label, Blaqboy Music. He has helped launch the careers of talented musicians and producers, further cementing his status as a key figure in the South African music industry.

With his innovative production style, infectious beats, and dedication to pushing musical boundaries, DJ Maphorisa continues to be a driving force in the evolution of African music. He remains a respected figure among fans and peers alike, and his contributions to the industry are celebrated both locally and internationally.

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