Da Mabusa Talks About His Next Amapiano Song, Ngikhumbule Umama Owangizalayo 0.2 Piano Remix

Da Mabusa New Amapiano Song, Ngikhumbule Umama Owangizalayo 0.2 Piano Remix

A New Amapiano Music, Ngikhumbule Umama Owangizalayo 0.2 Piano Remix By Da Mabusa Drops This Week

DaMabusa is a South African musician who lives in Johannesburg, Gauteng. The male entertainer is known to be a professional singer, song writer, producer and performer. He started his music career many years ago, but in 2022 he got some level of popularity which shot him to limelight.

Ngikhumbule Umama Owangizalayo

Two years back, he came through with an afro house music which he titled Umama Owangizalayo, after the song was released, he went further to share the official video of the music on his YouTube channel.

After sharing the music video, he further explained his reasons behind the release of the music. He explained that the song, especially its video is about the death of his mum. How he misses her and some connections he had with her. He also further explained that, the song Umama Owangizalayo is not only about those who lost their mothers to the cold hands of death, but also to those who still have their mother alive. Da Mabusa basically talks about the love, bond and several other relationship a mother and child has.

The video of the song, Ngikhumbule Umama Owangizalayo was directed and shot by Slowman films.

After he released the song, it quickly rose to the top of the chart and gathered millions of views and listens across various platforms. Recently he came through to announce that he is about to share the remix of the song.

The chorus of the song got DaMabusa singing; “Ngikhumbufa umama Umama Owangizalayo. Ngikhumbula Umama Owangibeletha. Ngikhumbula umama Umama Owangizalayo. Ngikhumbula Umama Owangizalayo.”

Ngikhumbule Umama Owangizalayo 0.2 Piano Remix & Release Date

Some days back, Da Mabusa came through to reveal that he will be dropping the amapiano remix of his popular music, and the new title will be “Ngikhumbule Umama Owangizalayo 0.2 Piano Remix”. He also stated. that the new music will be featuring a hot of other talented Amapiano singers like; Ama Grootman, Tfs Da Grootman and Salga.

We can recall that the original music was not an amapiano, rather a strong afro house pop song based on the reality of the loss of a mother.

Just as the older version, we suspect that the amapiano remix will basically have the same theme, and people learn some lessons and cherish their mothers the more, just that the remix will feature some other artists and also will be an amapiano music which is a trending music genre.

Like the previous version, the new song remix has also been confirmed to be shot and directed by The music video to Umama Owangizalayo 0.2 by Slowman films.

According to Da Mabusa, the release date of his “Ngikhumbule Umama Owangizalayo 0.2 Piano Remix” song is Apr 5th, 2024.

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