Busisiwe Nyundu Biography, Age, Nora from Skeem Saam in Real Life

Busisiwe Nyundu Biography, Age, Skeem Saam

Busisiwe Nyundu Biography, Age, Nora from Skeem Saam in Real Life

Over a few years, a South African actress has been trending and being loved for her roles in the movie which she stars in called Skeem Saam. the actress, Busisiwe Nyundu is a South African native, and we have gotten a very limited information about her biography, age, engagements with Skeem Saam.

Busisiwe Nyundu’s Biography (Nora from Skeem Saam in Real Life)

Before now, there’s literally nothing about the female artist on the internet as she was just known as an actress and began to be common in 2022 through her role on the Skeem Saam movie. She is a very private individual that she does not even publish her images on her social media, and her Instagram account still has less than 500 followers, and she goes by the name “NYUNDULICIOUS”.

Busisiwe Nyundu’s personality as Nora was really impressing as she played her role on Skeem Saam really well. It was on the movie that many knew that Busisiwe is really multilingual and very lovely.

She is a South African native, born and raised is a village. She studied at sibikwa art centre and attended EastBank High. The female entertsiner is said to be livingĀ  Lives in Gauteng.

She speaks various South African native languages like; TshiVenda, IsiZulu, Sesotho, English, IsiXhosa, XiTsonga, Siswati, Sepedi, and SesTswana; all she speaks well.

A report stated that she is a single mother of a child.

Busisiwe Nyundu Age

The real age of Busisiwe is not certain yet, as she has never revealed how old she is nor her date of birth.

However, from our estimation based on her looks, we can say that Busisiwe is 35 years old.

Skeem Saam

When the South African movie series, Skeem Saam began to air, it was loved and viewed by almost all house hold. Skeem Saam is a South African soap opera made by Winnie Serite, a known broadcast on SABC 1 and the drama series first premiered in 2011. The drama series began from Johannesburg and Turfloop, and from there rose to stardom and began to trend; competing with other great series like Generations. Since 2011, the movie has a total of 11 Seasons.

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