Amatycooler And Big Nuz Working On A New Gqom Tune, “Woza”

Amatycooler & Big Nuz Woza Gqom

Amatycooler And Big Nuz Working On A New Gqom Tune, “Woza”

Amatycooler & Big Nuz “Woza” – Amatycooler is a South African born music group, made up of 3 friends who come together to share common music. The trio have their forte in Gqom music, and they have been very consistent with their music career.

The young male artists who are in thier late 20’s have established themselves as a common household name in theSouth African music industry, this is beacuse of their unique style of Gqom music, excellent remixes, and reassuring vocals of the trio.

Over the years, they have built a successful career for themselves, and have also worked quite closely with some of the big names in the South African music world. They have shared some excellently crafted songs which has been trending all over the country, some of these songs are “Uyena”, “iBhanoyi” and “Ngikhathele”, the last is a gqom remix. These three songs are some of their top music.

Other songs from the gqom trio include, but not limited to; “Nomahelele”, “Makhelwane”, and “Ukuthanda” These songs have gathered millions of views across various streaming platforms.


Even with their success, they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon as they recently revealed that they are currently working together with another top Gqom artist whose name is Big Nuz, to drop a new South African Gqom house music called Woza.

This revelation was made on their TikTok account, where they have millions of follower, on their page, they showed a video of themselves in the studio, working hard with Big Nuz to create a perfect blend of what their fans will love.

The upcoming song Woza will be their newest music in 2024, and from the way it has been anticipated, it is on it’s pathway to becoming a huge success this year. So far, many people are already replaying the snippet of the gqom music on their own accounts, bringing about great promotion in a ripple effect manner.

Unfortunately, the trio along with Big Nuz did not reveal when the song will be dropped officially, neither did they sshare the official artwork.

We hope to receive the new music this week, as DeMabusa revealed that his new amapiano song will be dropping on 5th April.

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